Tuesday, February 25, 2014

23 Mobile Things * Thing 23!!!!!!

Evaluate 23 Mobile Things

I just completed the survey for 23 Mobile Things. It is an accomplishment to have done all 23 things and come out on the other side being a daring mobile user - my goal from the beginning! Creating the blog and learning of the mobile device tips was a huge leap for me. I figured if I could do that much, I could do the rest. I know we could do the things in any order, but I went in numerical order and it was perfect. Each successful thing got me excited and ready to take on the next thing; they built on each other whether you intended that or not they did and I am appreciative.

I knew my knowledge was minimal at best of mobile devices and all their capabilities but now feel empowered to keep learning. The possibilities are endless and it is refreshing and it feels good to learn!

My plan now is to review the 23 things, beginning with thing 2 so that all may solidify in my brain!

I look forward to the next 23 Things!

Description of my experience - Dabbling to Daring!

Thank you.

23 Mobile Things * Thing 22!

Discovering Apps

I learned about Quixey, the app for finding new apps when I was reading another blogger's post. It is worth bookmarking for future reference. (I did)

I also encourage you all to dabble in Top 265 Best iPad apps 2014 that 23 Mobile Things found for us. Yes, searching online can be a good friend when searching for apps.

Apps Gone Free is another great app for getting freebies from the App Store; apps that are free for a day or more. Apps Gone Free allows browsing in 8 languages, allows sharing so others may enjoy the free apps, and encourages recommendations for future free apps.
  • FineScanner turns your iPad into a scanner!
  • RealiFit personal training in my pocket! That's fun!
  • 50music - listen to 50 music styles and millions of different songs. 
That is enough for now, but I will be back to see what else is free tomorrow!

23 Mobile Things * Thing 21!


We have a Mini i-Pad cart that is checked out for use from the library. Teachers have been the ones to request the apps that have been downloaded to the mini lab. This free-for-all thing will be my excused chance to dabble in these apps. (80 in all)

For sure all libraries that partner with Gale should have My School downloaded as it is one stop shopping for students' research.

The apps are drill and skill games directed towards grades Prek-5.

Here is a partial list of those available:

  • Number Line
  • 3D Organs
  • Bills and Coins
  • Geoboard
  • BrainPop
  • Cursive Practice
  • Spelling Bug
  • Grammar Jammers -Primary
  • Sight Words - Sight Cards
  • Daily Grammar
  • Hands on Math (levels 1,2,3)
  • Spelling Test
That's a dabbling dozen for you all!

23 Mobile Things * Thing 20!


Oh my we get to play!

Anything to do with words is my game; shades of Scrabble up north when I was a kid! I played Word Abacus, Word Collapse and Word Warp and best of all Wordmaster. I will share these apps with my students and family but then take them off my i-Pad as my battery dies quickly and I need it for class presentations rather than playing!

Dabbling in addicting word games...

23 Mobile Things * Thing 19!


After reading other 23 Mobile Thing blogs I dabbled with Quixey an app finder that was recommended. From there I downloaded an App titled Photo Garden. It was to help plan a new garden as well as offering photos to inspire. It froze so I deleted it; you get what you pay for!

On to Spotify the app the 23 Mobile Things offered! I do have Pandora for my music but this supposedly is a must-have for music fans! It is free on tablets and so we can listen to music any time any where. This works for me! I listened to several of my favorite tunes quietly in the library. Now it is back to books.

Monday, February 24, 2014

23 Mobile Things * Thing 18!


Apps for Educators: I downloaded Bill Nye the Science Guy. Our faculty uses his DVD's so I thought this app would be a nice addition to our resources. I can' believe it is a free app. There are so many good ones. I did share the list with my faculty.

Glorified games with fun facts involved...intuitive and appropriate for grades 2-7.

Google Earth-Amazing. Students will love this. Gave Google our location and it takes us right to our school. One would think they could almost find their way in to the library! I went to Rome Italy for fun. Google Earth has provided several You Tube videos to make us feel at  home. Endless hours of meandering await the viewer.

23 Mobile Things * Thing 17!

Connecting to Community

The task for this post is to investigate an app that will connect us to our greater community be it local or a bit out state. I have chosen to investigate the app Highlights of the Superior Hiking Trail as the Superior Hiking Trail travels just to the southwest of property my family owned from 1983 to 2003 in Grand Marais, MN; a place near and dear to my heart.

Truly a trip down memory lane. The trail is calling me back, perhaps for a fresh spring walk or once the snow goes out a June hike! The app also introduced me to the Superior Hiking Trail association; shta.org.
Please take a look-see at the photo tab. You will not be disappointed. See you on the trail!

I plan to download the Minneapolis Skyway app and share it with family new to Mpls.! It looks like it is the ticket to a wonderful app for navigating downtown Mpls.! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, not so. Couldn't get it from the app store.

 P.S. After this winter everyone should have the 511 Minnesota app as well. DO NOT USE IT WHILE DRIVING!